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APlastics E30 4 door

APlastics E30 4 door


The APlastics E30 4-door unpainted RC drift body shell is a meticulously crafted and highly detailed replica of the iconic BMW E30, specifically the 4-door variant. This body shell is designed for RC drift enthusiasts who appreciate scale realism and precision engineering. Here's a detailed description:

Exterior Features:

  • Authentic Design: The body shell faithfully reproduces the distinctive lines and features of the BMW E30 4-door, capturing the essence of this classic sedan.
  • Realistic Panel Lines: Intricate panel lines and contours are present throughout, enhancing the scale appearance and attention to detail.


  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable and lightweight materials, the body shell strikes a balance between resilience and weight, ensuring optimal performance on the drift track.
  • Unpainted Finish: The body shell comes unpainted, allowing enthusiasts the creative freedom to customize and personalize their RC drift car according to their preferences.


  • 1/10 Scale: The APlastics E30 4-door body shell is designed to fit 1/10 scale RC drift chassis, providing a precise fit for popular models in this scale.


  • Drift-Ready: The design of the body shell is optimized for drifting, with a focus on aerodynamics and performance. It allows RC drift enthusiasts to execute smooth and controlled drifts with ease.

Additional Details:

  • Clear Windows: The body shell typically features clear windows, providing a blank canvas for interior detailing and customization.
  • Decal Set: Depending on the package, a decal set may be included, allowing enthusiasts to add finishing touches and enhance the overall aesthetics of the RC drift car.

Customization Potential:

  • Paint-Ready: Being unpainted, the body shell allows hobbyists to apply their preferred paint schemes, colors, and graphic designs, expressing their unique style on the track.

In summary, the APlastics E30 4-door unpainted RC drift body shell is an excellent choice for those who seek a blend of scale realism, durability, and customization options. It offers enthusiasts the opportunity to create a truly unique RC drift car that stands out in both performance and aesthetics.

  • Additional information

    • Applicable for: 1/10 RC drift and touring chassis 
      Material: Lexan 
      Protective film: Yes 
      Pre-drilled mounting holes: No 

      Length: 425 mm 
      Width: 190 mm
      Height: 118 mm
      Wheelbase: 259 mm 

      Packaging includes: 
      Clear drift body - 1 Set 
      Light buckets front and rear - 1 Set 
      Body detailing decals - 1 Sheet 
      Masking decals for painting - 1 Sheet
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