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APlastics E36 Sedan

APlastics E36 Sedan


The APlastics E36 Sedan unpainted RC drift body shell is a meticulously designed and highly detailed replica that brings the iconic BMW E36 sedan to the world of RC drifting. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this unpainted body shell serves as a blank canvas for RC enthusiasts to customize and showcase their unique style on the drift track.

Key Features:

Accurate Reproduction: The APlastics E36 Sedan body shell is a faithful reproduction of the classic BMW E36 sedan, capturing the distinctive lines and contours of the full-scale car. From the front kidney grille to the sleek body profile, every detail has been carefully replicated.

High-Quality Polycarbonate Material: Constructed from durable polycarbonate material, the body shell is lightweight yet robust, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of RC drifting. The material is also highly adaptable to various painting and detailing techniques.

Unpainted Canvas: Designed to allow enthusiasts the freedom to express their creativity, the body shell comes unpainted. This blank canvas encourages users to apply their unique paint schemes, graphics, and designs, making each RC car a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Versatile Fitment: Compatible with a wide range of 1/10 scale RC drift chassis, the APlastics E36 Sedan body shell offers a versatile fit, allowing RC enthusiasts to enjoy the iconic look of the BMW E36 on their chosen drift platform.


Elevate your RC drifting experience with a combination of classic design and customization possibilities. Unleash your creativity on the drift track! 🚗💨

  • Additional information

    • Applicable for: 1/10 RC drift and touring chassis 
      Material: Lexan 
      Protective film: Yes 
      Pre-drilled mounting holes: No 

      Length: 425 mm 
      Width: 190 mm
      Height: 118 mm
      Wheelbase: 259 mm 

      Packaging includes: 
      Clear drift body - 1 Set 
      Light buckets front and rear - 1 Set 
      Body detailing decals - 1 Sheet 
      Masking decals for painting - 1 Sheet
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