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APlastics Easymade FC3

APlastics Easymade FC3


The APlastics Easymade FC3 unpainted RC drift body shell is a 1/10 scale replica designed for RC drifting enthusiasts:


  • Realistic Replica: The body shell is likely crafted to be a true-to-scale replica of a specific car model, the FC3 chassis.
  • Aerodynamic Features: Expect aerodynamic enhancements and details that contribute to the overall performance and style on the RC drift track.


  • High-Quality Polycarbonate: Most RC drift body shells are made from durable and lightweight polycarbonate material, offering both strength and flexibility.

Unpainted Version:

  • Blank Canvas: The unpainted version provides hobbyists with a blank canvas to express their creativity. Enthusiasts can apply their own custom paint job, decals, and designs to personalize the appearance of the RC drift car.
  • Allows for Customization: The lack of pre-applied paint allows for greater customization, enabling hobbyists to match their RC car's aesthetics with their personal preferences or specific team colors.


  • Designed for Drift Chassis: The body shell is designed to fit 1/10 scale RC drift chassis. 


  • Easy to Mount: Typically, the body shell is designed for easy installation on compatible RC drift chassis. 


  • Additional information

    • Applicable for: 1/10 RC drift and touring chassis 
      Material: Lexan 
      Protective film: Yes 
      Pre-drilled mounting holes: No 

      Length: 440 mm 
      Width: 200 mm
      Height: 115 mm
      Wheelbase: 259 mm 

      Packaging includes: 
      Clear drift body - 1 Set 
      Light buckets front and rear - 1 Set 
      Body detailing decals - 1 Sheet 
      Masking decals for painting - 1 Sheet
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