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Evo 5 Tee

Evo 5 Tee


Introducing the EVO 5 Black Tee – an emblem of power, performance, and automotive excellence. This t-shirt is a tribute to the iconic Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V, a masterpiece that has left an indelible mark on the world of motorsport and driving enthusiasts.


Front and center, the EVO 5 commands attention with its bold and aggressive design. The dynamic silhouette captures the essence of rally heritage, evoking memories of daring twists and turns on dusty tracks and mountain roads. The EVO 5's unmistakable features and powerful stance serve as a visual testament to its uncompromising commitment to speed and precision.


The backdrop of darkness only serves to enhance the EVO 5's prominence. A finely detailed graphic showcases the inner workings of the car's turbocharged heart, depicting the intricacies of its mechanical prowess. This graphic representation of the engine's components and systems is a nod to the EVO 5's engineering excellence and its ability to push boundaries with every rev of the throttle.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the black tee not only offers comfort but also adds an edge of sophistication to your wardrobe. Its minimalist yet impactful design makes it a versatile addition to any ensemble, whether you're headed to a car meet, hitting the open road, or simply embracing the thrill of life's journey.


The EVO 5 Black Tee is more than just clothing – it's an embodiment of your passion for performance and a tribute to the relentless pursuit of automotive greatness. By wearing this tee, you carry with you the legacy of rally dominance and a commitment to pushing the limits of speed and control. Let your love for the road and the roar of the engine shine through, and wear the EVO 5 Black Tee with pride.

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