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Pandora Toyota AE86 TRUENO N2 spec

Pandora Toyota AE86 TRUENO N2 spec


🚗💨 Pandora RC - The Toyota Corolla AE86 N2 Body Shell! 🏎️🇯🇵

Dive into the world of classic drift elegance with the Pandora RC Toyota Corolla AE86 N2 Body Shell – an iconic representation of racing history and style. Born from the rich heritage of Japanese motorsport, this meticulously crafted body shell is designed to take your RC drifting experience to a whole new level.

🔥 Key Features:

  • Historical Accuracy: Relive the glory days of motorsport with an authentic reproduction of the Toyota Corolla AE86 N2. Every curve and detail has been faithfully captured to bring the spirit of the legendary drift machine to your RC chassis.

  • Premium Quality Construction: Built with precision and durability in mind, the body shell is crafted from high-quality materials. Lightweight yet resilient, it strikes the perfect balance for optimal performance on the drift track.

  • Perfect Fit for 1/10 Scale Drift Chassis: Enjoy a hassle-free installation with a body shell designed to seamlessly fit 1/10 scale drift chassis. The precise fitment ensures a sleek, aerodynamic look while maintaining stability during high-speed drifts.

  • Pandora RC Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in the excellence of Pandora RC's craftsmanship. With a commitment to innovation and design, our Toyota Corolla AE86 N2 Body Shell stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering top-tier RC drifting experiences.

  • Additional information

    • 1/10 use
    • The product is non-painted.
    • Body made by polycarbonate
    • Decare & Masking is attached
    • Polycarbonate front bumper
    • Polycarbonate light parts (2 types front/rear)
    • 2 types of polycarbonate rear spoilers (can be used over the integrated spoiler)
    • The images are of a painted example.
    • The accessories such as a mirror or the windshield wiper are not in the product.
    • Made in Japan
    • Front 197 mm / Rear 199mm
    • Wheel base 257-260mm

    Items used in the image

    • 3D Graphic Decal headlight [VGP-604]
    • 3D Graphic Decal tail light [VGP-605]
    • Door Mirror (AE86 Type) [PAC-535]
    • OVER FENDER bis [PAC-519]
    • Display Small diameter Wheel & Tire ZERO-4 / 2pieces [PAC-543]
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