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Pandora Toyota Mark 2 JZX81 Ver2

Pandora Toyota Mark 2 JZX81 Ver2

SKU: PAB-3170

The Pandora Toyota Mark 2 JZX81 Ver2 1/10th scale RC drift body shell is a high-quality, detailed replica designed for remote control (RC) drift cars. Here are the key features and details of this body shell:

  • Scale and Compatibility:

    • The body shell is a 1/10th scale model, which is a common size for RC cars, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of 1/10th scale chassis.
    • It is specifically designed for RC drifting, a popular RC car hobby that involves sliding the car sideways through turns.
  • Design and Details:

    • The shell is modeled after the Toyota Mark 2 JZX81, a classic and iconic Japanese sedan known for its drifting capabilities in the real car scene.
    • The Ver2 indicates that this is a second version or an updated model, with improved details or features compared to the original.
  • Material:

    • Made from high-quality polycarbonate, which is a durable and lightweight material commonly used for RC car bodies.
    • Polycarbonate is known for its impact resistance, which is crucial for the demanding nature of drift RC racing.
  • Aerodynamic Features:

    • The body shell includes realistic aerodynamic features such as front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a rear spoiler. These features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also improve the car’s performance during drifting.
  • Customization and Paint:

    • The shell comes clear, allowing enthusiasts to paint and customize it according to their preferences.
    • It includes pre-marked areas for easy cutting and installation of the body on the RC car chassis.
  • Detailing:

    • The body shell includes detailed features such as molded headlights, grille, tail lights, and other trim pieces.
    • Decal sheets are typically included to add realistic detailing such as lights, emblems, and other graphic elements.

Overall, the Pandora Toyota Mark 2 JZX81 Ver2 1/10th scale RC drift body shell is designed to provide RC enthusiasts with a realistic and highly detailed representation of the Toyota Mark 2 JZX81, optimized for drifting performance. It combines durability, aesthetic appeal, and the ability to customize, making it a popular choice among RC drift car hobbyists.

  • Additional information

    • 1/10 use
    • The product is non-painting.
    • Body made by polycarbonate
    • Decare & masking is attached
    • Front & rear bumper (anomalous style parts/made by polycarbonate)
    • Front light & rear light parts attachment made by polycarbonate
    • The image of the publication is a painting example.
    • The sale product becomes the clear body.
    • The accessories such as a mirror or the windshield wiper are not in the product.
    • Made in Japan
    • 195mm wide
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